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Backlit Privacy Statement

By Bob Leggitt  |  25 February 2022

This site is hosted on Neocities, whose data-handling disclosure can be found in the platform's main Privacy Policy.

As a separate entity, the administrator of this individual site does not implement tracking technologies, or any other third party resources, including analytics routines, remote fonts, sharing and social media widgets, remote pixels, ad-tech, and content delivery networks.


There is no JavaScript on this blog. It is built purely with HTML and CSS, and it contains no active page elements. Across the Web in general, the administrator strongly recommends that you disable JavaScript as a default policy (even here), and only set an exception when it is absolutely necessary. JavaScript is now the WWW's number one tracking facilitator, and it's vastly more powerful in its surveillance capability than cookies. Disabling it also significantly improves security.


With third-party cookies heading into the sunset, most online tracking is migrating to various forms of third-party page content. So-called 'single-source' sites, whose pages are served from one domain, matching that in the browser's URL bar, are now rare. The great majority of the Web properties we visit are heavily multi-source, with all manner of third-party presences embedded into the pages themselves. Those third-party page embeds, be they images, fonts, buttons, scripts, or whatever else, serve the same purpose as third-party cookies, tailing us round the Web, everywhere we go.

This blog is single source, meaning that everything on its pages is hosted by Neocities itself.


Hyperlinks on the pages of this blog are added according to their value in referencing information, and not based on the privacy policies of the domains on which they reside. Therefore, the links may lead to domains with aggressive tracking policies. You should not follow them if you find this unacceptable.

Bob Leggitt.